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Pietro Cirillo e Officine Popolari Lucane - venerdi 19 e sabato 20 giugno 2020 ore 22,00

Artists of the moment

Ginny Vee

Giuseppe Cerrato


Massimiliano Modesti

Niki J Crawford

American artist

Ofri Eliaz

Israeli artist

Soledad Balbontin

Chilean artist

Issa Amer

Libyan artist

Giuseppe Caruso

Italian-German artist

Danielle Helena


J Lynn The Bride

Deivid Rivera

Jasmine Jordan

Brunela Crochenci

Great artist

Egor Budennyy

Noelle Chiodo


Radio Music Of The World is an Italian Web Radio with world artists, specialized in Creative Commons Music and music copyleft. Everyone is given the opportunity to be heard and all are transmitted, respecting the work of each individual party involved. RADIO MUSIC OF THE WORLD is a web radio born on 29 June 2014. Founder Leonardo Campagna. The music must be listened to in its entirety, regardless of the artist who performs it. The music gives off strong emotions that come straight to the heart.

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Leonardo Campagna